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Training Group
is a division of SQL EXPERTS, LLC., a successful consulting business providing DBA and Database-Based Programmable Solutions to a number of client companies, where we place our consultants for specific projects.

In our hands-on practical training we use real hands-on projects (by agreement with the clients of SQL EXPERTS, LLC.) both as demos and as an opportunity for students to participate in live development.

Our Training Program is heavily focusing on hands-on training in today's most widely used IT Technologies, specializing in (but not limited to) Database Administration (DBA), Information Systems Architecture, Microsoft .NET Development, Database Programming and Analysis (PL/SQL, T-SQL, ETL and REPORTING (SSIS, Talend, SSRS) in MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, and other RDBMS.



Training Group



  1. ALLSTARSQL has designed their training courses based on high- demand skills in modern Information Technologies, such as Microsoft SQL Server DBA, Data Analyst, Database Architect, ETP Architect, and Microsoft .NET Developer.

  2. The main goal of the Intensive Training Program is JOB PLACEMENT within IT groups and departments of larger companies. This is achieved through coaching students to acquire valuable expertise in the technical/analytical fields within IT, using (while learning) the skills that are in the highest demand today.

  3. Many of our students got their first Data Analysis or Database Programming/Development jog as early as in 3 to 4 months from the beginning of the class. We actively help in such job placement using our long-term connections with other consulting companies, recruiting firms, and end-clients.

  4. We are so confident in the effectiveness of our training that we ask our students to pay the bulk part of tuition only upon successful job placement. We provide you with ability to work on real-time project and with references from the owners of the projects that you become a part of.

  5. All projects and demos used during instruction are taken from real-time environments. It is hard to overestimate how important it is. You actually are doing a real work during training/labs This way all students are involved in live projects during the course, which makes students a lot more confident at technical job interviews.

What is really different about our training? It is not a group learning. There is no traditional class. It is ONE ON ONE.


as well as

  • ALLSTARSQL is unique in offering training programs that cover all    three major DBA's and Database Developer skill areas in detail, such as
  •      DBA
  •      T-SQL Developer
  •      Data Warehousing Architect
  •      Business Intelligence Analysis and BI Development.

    Such intense, personalized, comprehensive, and focused training virtually guarantees your prompt work placement.

  • ALLSTARSQL can help you achieve financial success. Average starting salary for DBA or Database Programmer(SQL Developer) is in excess of $60,000. A Senior-Level specialist can reach a comfortable six-figure compensation. 


  • You will be expected to continue your on-going technical education on your own and with our continued help while you are already working  as well. With ALLSTARSQL's powerful jump-start, it is common for our students to achieve such seniority in as early as two years from their first job placement.

Additionally, we support our students all along the process of landing their first job as Database Specialist, which includes but not limited to:

  • creating a winning resume
  • providing references and actual real work experience
  • preparation for technical and personal interveiws
  • supporting our students technically during the first 3 months of their work, upon successful placement to either full-time or contract position.